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Olive oil mask
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✔️Penetrates inside the damaged hair.

✔️You will feel softer hair from the first weeks.

✔️Restores hair damaged by excessive dyes.

✔️Even after the first use, you'll perceive a really different consistency.

✔️Vegan alternative to keratine treatment.

✔️The crease? The crease will last much longer.

No chemicals!

  • Italian ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

  • Extracts of chlorophyll

  • Vitamin-E

  • Silicons

  • Parabens

  • Sulphates


✔️ After using a shampoo (without silicons), rinse your hair.

✔️ Dab them carefully without rubbing. 

✔️ Use an appropriate dose compared to the length of the hair, usually for a correct cleansing it takes a very little portion.

✔️ Massage it into your hand before applying it.

✔️ Wait at least 5 minutes before rinsing. Let it do.

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  • Try our cream. Invigorates wavy and curly hair.

  • Our packaging is recyclable. Totally.

  • No more Keratine. 

    It's all about pureness.

  • We do accept credit cards. If do you have some questions text us.

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2 Free samples. For every order.

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100% Vegan, Bio and Organic

Our main ingredient is an award-winning olive oil. Its pureness makes our shampoo one the best Italian vegan haircare product. 

And we didn't test our lines on animals. 

Proudly cruelty-free. 

Questions? Look Here!

Is this product highly efficient or not?

Restores hair damaged by excessive dyes. If your hair are not damaged you can actually utilize the Mask once per month to prevent atmosphere issues. Especially during Summer.

Is this product safe?

There is not anything chemicals. 

No parabens. No sulphates. No silicons. 

Some customers use it on children too.

Do you really are a vegan alternative to keratine?

Yes, we are. 

We suggest to buy all the "straight line" to perceive the same effect of keratine treatment.

Shampoo, Mask and Ultralight Serum. 

Totally vegan.

Does this product causes hair regrowth

Dozens of customers told us that it cause a soft hair regrowth. And eliminates dandruff.

It can be a good alternative for some males.

How many treatments are used to get good results?

Usually we say to wait 2 weeks before to evaluate the effect. We ask feedback after 20 days. 

597 happy customers and counting...

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